Letter from the Club President

Hello Fellow Hams / Cary ARC members.  This is Larry Schroeder, President of CARC.

We had a good year.  But attendance has not been as good as we would like to see.

We had a number of great presentations:

  • We discussed grounding
  • Had a presentation on fox hunting with actual transmitters to find.
  • We also had a presentation on how to build a directional antenna from a tape measure and other parts.  We also built one.
  • We also had a class on weather watching members could attend.
  • Jim Carrol did a presentation on radio telescope on its history and ham involvement.

So Jim has been doing a great job of having presentations for the club meeting.  Don is doing a great job doing the Feedline, taking minutes of the meeting, sending out notifications of club events.   He also helps organize Field day and the SwapFest as well as the Scout Merit badge class.

We have an election coming up in our October 24th meeting.  I hope as many members as possible will attend, giving us their input and electing officers who will help grow our Club.  We need fresh ideas on how to make our meeting more interesting, to encourage more hams to attend and join the club.  We will be doing a mailing at the September meeting to all new hams in the area, introducing them to CARC and inviting them to our meeting.

The current officers Don Hurlbert Secretary, Jim Williams, Treasurer, and myself are willing to continue in our offices.  I have been President for a number of years, and even though I am willing to serve another year. I think, we need to have new blood as officers every so often so the club does not go stale.  If someone else wants the job of President, I will be glad to step aside.   Please think about being running for an office and attend the October meeting.

Lastly, we have voted for a holiday dinner on December 5th (Thursday).  Details will be sent well in advance.

Have a good day and I look forward to seeing you at our September meeting on the 26th.

Larry Schroeder KD4HSL