Magnetic loop antenna

“A great magnetic loop antenna, from inexpensive lumber and easily assembled parts, that cost less than $100.”

Live in a location with HOA restrictions?  This is a great “stealth” antenna.

At the March 22 meetup Jim (W4VCF) and Jim (N4CAE) gave a presentation on magnetic loop antennas – detailing the components and construction techniques as well as the technical characteristics inherent to these antennas. The surprise conclusion of this session was a live over-the-air QSO using one of these homemade antennas to Herb who reported a good RST!


2 thoughts on “Magnetic loop antenna

  1. Where can the details of the wiring be found?
    Typically one would see the small loop at the bottom. The cap I have seen at top and bottom depending on the loops design.
    Just an off the wall question, was that lawn mower temporary
    Supporting the loop? You can say it was used for cutting through the noise while the loop was doing the receiving!!!

    Hope to hear back from someone with the writing diagram.


    1. Ken,
      Don;t know if anyone has responded, but here goes. The small loop shoud be 1/5 the diameter of the main loop. The Cap can be anywhere on the loop but traditionally is opposite the small loop. This design favored changing the size of the main loop if necessary to affect the frequency. The main loop is 18 feet in diameter and can be used on 40 meters with approx. 50 pf cap. it is tuned by the 1 rpm motor attached to the shaft. Check out loop design articles in ARRL pubs. Yes the lawn mower was a temp support while testing the tuning for this loop. P.S. The picture wasn’t supposed to be published. Hi Hi


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